Family history of the Jollans family


This site records various aspects of the family history of the Jollans family and other related families.  It is more in the form of a scrapbook than a family tree, although a traditional family tree is available.  Use the ‘Contact Us’ page for more details on this.

William Jollans I with Peggy Jollans    William Jollans II                 Rachel Jollans                           William Jollans III

The aim of the site is to record known information before it is lost and to provide a focus for gathering further information.  If you know about any of the individuals featured in this website or related individuals, and have any further information, or would like to know more about them, please do contact me.  Other than in incidental references, the site does not cover any individuals still alive today, although any news of current members is also welcome. 

Jollans is a relatively unusual surname, although there are other variants around Jolly that seem to be more common and some Jolland, Jollands or Jollins that may be related.  The name appears to have been particularly concentrated in Lincolnshire in the past, where my grandfather William Jollans was born.  Today though, I am aware of few people named Jollans other than the direct descendants of my grandfather and his wife, Rachel.  I would be particularly interested in establishing contact with any other related branches of the Jollans family.

My grandmother, Rachel Jollans was born Rachel Baron and so the site also contains information on the Baron family and the related Smith family from Great Harwood.  On my mother's side there is information on the Osbourn family and the Tracy family.