Baron family Baron family John Washington Baron 2 97682870 John Washington Baron and Ellen Baron 151467671 Ellen Baron 97682869 John Washington Baron 151468341 Ellen Baron around 1930s 151467573 Sandy Baron 97681961 Sandy Baron 151467670 Lewis Baron 97683000 Ellen Baron with granddaughter Peggy 151467574 Kay Baron 151467668 Betty Baron 151467669 Betty's wedding George Morris and Betty Baron 154385380 Betty's wedding 2 George Morris and Betty Baron and others 154386660 Tom Forsyth 151467672 Tom and Ailse Forsyth 151467673 Alice Baron Alice Baron, probably with one of her sister Rachel's children 154385379 Silverdale 1937 Back Row: Christine, Uncle Lewis, Aunty Mary, Peggy, May, Grandad (Baron) Front Row: Granny (Baron), Mother (Rachel), Johnnie, Daddy (William) Very front: Billy 154520507 Silverdale 1937 2 Back Row: Christine, Uncle Lewis, Peggy, Grandad (Baron), Johnnie Bolton Front Row: Granny (Baron), Mother (Rachel), Daddy (William), Billy, Auntie Mary, May 154528244