Family history of the Jollans family

The Osbourn family

The Osbourn family is connnected to the Jollans family through Joan Osbourn (1920-2007) who married Bill Jollans.  Joan's great-grandfather and great-grandmother were George and Ann Osbourn, and their son Frank Osbourn, born in 1860 in Deptford, was her grandfather.  He married Margaret Lewis and they had 9 children, the oldest of whom was Frank Lewis Osbourn, also born in Deptford in 1883.  Shortly after that the family moved to Fulham, where most of the other chidren were born.

 Joan's grandparents, Frank and Margaret Osbourn



Frank Lewis Osbourn married Isabella Tracy in 1910 and they had two children, Olive born in 1915, and Joan born in 1920.  They lived in London Colney in the grounds of Napsbury Mental Hospital, where Frank worked.





Olive Osbourn


Olive Osbourn was the oldest child of Frank and Isabel Osbourn, born in 1915.  She married Tom Weale in 1925 and she and Tom had 5 children – Joanne, David, Helen, Marian and Judy.


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 Helen, Joanne, Marian and David